We assemble collaborative design thinking platforms to facilitate the transition from participation to co-design

What We Do


We listen to the territories where we work through applied social research and design research. We produce white papers and scientific publications aimed at disseminating co-design knowledge and practices.


We put in place tactical urbanism practices , assist authorities in the implementation of place making initiatives, deal with service design and eco-design. We are a laboratory for the ideation of innovative concepts and grant writing.


All the activities we propose have educational objectives and are aimed at increasing the skills and the autonomy of those who participate.cooperative learning and use a learning by doing approach .


We provide design consultancy and research services , and lead co-design, communication, training and community engagement activities for public and private, for-profit and non-profit organisations. We promote and disseminate collaborative design thinking among stakeholders and users.

Become a Codesigner

A co-designer is part of the Codesign Toscana community, an open and informal
space where ideas can be shared and skills and resources are made available.

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