how we do it

methodologies and approaches

Codesign Toscana employs tools from different disciplinary areas - from design to management, from sociology to visual art, from architecture to anthropology - for sustainable development and innovation in urban and rural ecosystems. 

Collaborative design between the different actors part of an ecosystem. Co-design is an effective design method in an era where change requires continuous listening to people's needs, new ideas and systemic solutions.

We work with relationships. We design inclusive processes to involve heterogeneous audiences. Through accessible languages, original and playful formats we create the basis for reaching people. We build aware and creative communities, fostering design autonomy.

Creative and multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. We use design-thinking as a process to research new solutions and implement services, processes and strategies.

Modus operandi which allows, on the one hand, to put a magnifying glass on the needs linked to the territory and its community, and on the other to transform them into projects with glocal logic.

Discipline that applies the processes and skills of design to the development of services. It represents a creative, multidisciplinary and practical way to improve existing services, innovate and create new ones.

Critical approach to design that questions the cultural, social and ethical implications of emerging technologies and that helps define the most desirable futures towards which design can be oriented.

Immersion in the social and cultural fabric of reference through the qualitative methodologies of social research. We use this territorial listening phase in preparation for defining the design challenges.